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Significant growth of knowledge bases in the petrochemical industry in the last 10 years
The CEO of the Persian Gulf Complementary Industries Investment and Development Company, referring to the order and emphasis of the supreme leader in the discussion of knowledge bases and its importance in the industrial development of the country, said: There is a sanction and there is no doubt that a sanction is a bad thing, it is an inevitable existence and someone in There is no doubt about it; But this sanction has brought good things to our petrochemical industry and knowledge-based companies.

He continued: In the last 10 years, which was the height of the cruel sanctions against Iran, we have witnessed a significant growth in the presence of knowledge-based companies in the petrochemical industry.
Qanei admitted: In 1994, when the Lausanne Agreement was concluded and JCPOA discussions were on the table, we were present in Asalouye region with a series of knowledge-based groups to introduce their achievements, and I remember one of the industry managers said, "Now foreigners are coming and you You don't have much to say; join one of these and come forward with them"; This view existed until 6 or 7 years ago, although good things happened, but still the views were abroad; But today we are really witnessing the boom in the presence of knowledge-based people in the petrochemical industry.
He added: "Persian Gulf Holding has been holding an exhibition in Kish for three years under the title of domestic construction exhibition. This year, for the first time, we had a reverse presentation event under the title of "Petrofen" which was held in Naft Park and was the introduction to the Kish exhibition.
The CEO of the Persian Gulf Complementary Industries Investment and Development Company noted: In this year's exhibition in Kish, Persian Gulf Holding alone had contracts with knowledge-based companies worth about one thousand billion tomans, and nearly 500 knowledge-based companies currently have contracts or had contracts. which has been terminated.

* Petrochemical industry's positive and kinder view of complementary industries

He added: We will create a joint venture investment fund with a scientific deputy and an innovation and prosperity fund using the capacity of the knowledge-based production leap law, which all shows that the role and position of knowledge-based companies in the petrochemical industry is developing every day.
Stating that "one day the petrochemical industry was very alien to the downstream units", Qanei said: In addition to the development in the field of knowledge bases, a very good thing has happened in the last few years, especially in the last one or two years with the presence of the 13th government. The petrochemical industry is more positive and kind to complementary industries
He continued: "One day, the petrochemical industry considered its border with the complementary industries of the commodity exchange, that is, the perception was that petrochemicals offered their products on the commodity exchange, whoever came to buy, whether they competed or not, the product reached the hands of the real producer. or not, the rest of it is not very important for our petrochemicals; But another view is different and this year we dedicated an area of approximately 1,000 meters and an area of 2,000 meters to downstream units only at the Kish exhibition, and the largest companies and the most successful downstream companies were able to present knowledge-based achievements.
The CEO of the Persian Gulf Complementary Industries Investment and Development Company stated: Between 1400 and 1410, if the officials pay the same attention as they do now, and again with an international treaty, if they do not turn their eyes to the outside, if you assume that the penetration rate of construction today If something is close to 50% in the knowledge base or different technologies, within the implementation of a ten-year program, it will be easy to increase this ratio to 90%.

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